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Victorious Festival- Day 1

Victorious Festival got off to an incredible start yesterday. Poppy went to watch the action.

As I arrived at Victorious Festival, which is situated in Southsea Harbour, I was struck by the sheer size of it. This is a really big site for what seems like a ‘local’ festival, but it was clear that it was much MUCH more than that. With a number of stages, free attractions and lots of clothes and food markets, this was a great place for families and festival goers alike.

I soon settled down to watch Peter Hook and the New Light, on the Common stage. At the time I hadn’t realised just how many songs I knew by the former member of Joy Division and New Order, so that in itself was a treat. Sadly, it’s impossible to say that his voice was up to scratch and his overall aura seemed slightly ‘dad-like’ but musically, it was a very enjoyable performance.

Afterwards, the heavens opened, but thankfully our spirits weren’t dampened. Next up was the Fratellis, a band that I have enjoyed since I was younger. Lead singer Jon Fratelli was, as usual, a tad lacking on stage presence for a front man, but the band were very together. I found it odd, yet refreshing, that the cameras were not focussed on him, but instead drummer Mince, who admittedly was more entertaining to watch. Playing songs such as ‘Flathead’ and ‘We Need Medicine’ to warm up the crowd, it soon became evident that people were waiting for just one song- ‘Chelsea Dagger’. They were not disappointed, it was played with unbeatable enthusiasm and the crowd went wild. Overall, a good performance but lacking on charisma.

Primal Scream are a band that surprised me, they put on a blinding performance. Playing classic songs such as ‘Country Girl’ and ‘Get Your Rocks Off’- they put on a really impressive performance. Having formed in 1982, they are definitely a band who are not showing their age. With an amazing and energetic performance, it was one not to miss.

Finally, the headliner, The Flaming Lips. I have to honestly say that this was the best performance by any band that I have ever seen. The sheer colourfulness and madness of it was something quite to behold. With more confetti than you can shake a stick at, and lead singer and all round mad man Wayne Coyne zorbing over the crowd (yes you read that right), it was an unforgettable performance. The band began by bringing on inflatables… caterpillars with crowns, a man with the sun as his head, lizards and catfish for example, at the beginning of each song. Their madcap performance was perfectly paired with their Pink Floyd-esque sound and clever lyrics.

Overall, the first day was amazing. The Flaming Lips were the real surprise of the day, a band which I will definitely see again.