The Vamps In Concert Review

Teen pop band The Vamps gave an impressive performance at the BIC this weekend and were supported by a captivating cast of support acts.

Kicking off the night was Midlands rock band, EofE. The group started with their anthemic hit ‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’, with over 4,000 views on YouTube this pop/punk ballad is a hit with fans. It was a good start to the set as the boys showed off their impressive guitar skills and front man Tom Harris stretched his vocals for the audience. Next the group chose to perform ‘Piece Of You’, a slower ballad again backed by a catchy string rhythm and drum beat.

However EofE really got the audience going with their mash-up cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ and Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Mixing of the two famous hits was seamless and the audience loved their inventive mixing of the two. The best was yet to come from the boys though as their final performance of their catchy punk song ‘Lust’ was very strong. The best of their original songs, ‘Lust’ has a great build-up to the chorus and was a great finish to their pop/punk set.

The Bournemouth Rock interviewed EofE before their performance, to read their interview click here.

Next up were two acoustic artists with great potential for the future. From last year’s X Factor, Luke Friend was a delight on stage with an endearing personality and friendly interaction with the audience. Unfortunately there was only enough time for Luke to perform two of his original acoustic songs. Both ‘Take On The World’ and ‘Hole In My Heart’ were performed well and it was especially impressive that Luke made such a great sound with just his voice and a guitar.

Likewise the night’s next act, Nina Nesbitt, performed with just an acoustic guitar. Her two songs ‘Mr C’ and ‘Stay Out’ were very catchy and it was good to see that she included some light humour in her music. Like Luke Friend, her likable performance also felt a too short as she was only on stage for a short period of time.

Finally it was time for the headline act. When The Vamps came on stage it’s not an exaggeration to say that some ear drums were surely burst. The boys kicked off with their top 10 hit ‘Wild Heart’ sending screaming fans into a frenzy. After performing some album tracks, The Vamps really came into their own when they performed a mash-up of some hit songs including Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’, Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’.

The real highlight of the night was a drum solo by The Vamps drummer Tristan Evans. Backed by house beats and R&B hits, his drumming was truly brilliant and would leave critics in awe.

Finishing with their biggest hits Oh Cecilia and Can We Dance, these chart-topping anthems were screamed by fans and marked an end to a generally fun and pop-filled concert.