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UKIP Poole secretary under fire for alleged migrant comment

The Poole branch of the UK Independence Party have been hit with a torrent of complaints after an alleged statement from their secretary was quoted online.

The Real UKIP, a Tumblr blog that discusses supposed problems within UKIP, posted an info graphic quoting the alleged comment used online by Avril King the party secretary for Poole. She supposedly said: “No one seems to be pointing out that hordes of young, healthy men usually have a libido to match and haven’t brought their own women with them. Lock up your daughters, Britain.”

The post circulated around a variety of social media platforms before the Poole UKIP Twitter account commented on the situation, denying that Ms King made any such statement:  “We would like to know what devious person produced it [the quote] purporting to be Avril King. Not us! It was some mischief by another party!”

While they deny any wrongdoing from Ms. King a comment from Hope not Hate who reposted the image, showed an alleged screen shot of the comment being written on Facebook from Ms. King’s personal account.


Simon Cressy, a representative for Hope not Hate,  a campaign to counter racism and fascism in elections, said: “As researchers we use several false Facebook accounts to befriend and monitor people like this. We then look for certain keywords and topics which is how I discovered the comment.” Mr Cressy, despite initially not having heard of Ms king researched her before discovering that she is the Poole branch’s secretary. On UKIP’s denial of the comment, Mr Cressy said: “it is the standard UKIP excuse.”

No official statement has been made by UKIP Poole but we have reached out for further comment.