Monday 22nd September 2014

  1. ©Skoot13 via Wikipedia Commons

    Carcinogenesis and Food Additives

    Chemical carcinogenesis indicates the induction or enhancement of the formation of new, abnormal growth tissue. It includes epithelial malignancies and mesenchymal malignant tumours. The cells usually replicate and invade surrounding tissues and spread to remote parts of the body. How is it determined which substances cause carcinogenic responses in humans? Observations in humans, which are supported…

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  2. A student meticulously analyzing a fingerprint found at the crime scene © BU on Tour via Facebook (Not to be reproduced).

    Who Killed Rudolph?

    It’s not often you hear the words ‘murder’, ‘forensics’, ‘Rudolph’, and ‘fun’ used together, but this was a unique experience for three hundred students. ‘Twas the night before Christmas and poor Rudolph was dead. Was it a knife to the back? Or a blow to the head? Who committed this crime? Who should we fear?…

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