Monday 22nd September 2014

  1. Rugby means everything to the Welsh

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Six Nations completely takes over Wales. Streets, clubs and pubs are crawling with red jerseys and pints of Brains beer. Writing from a Welsh perspective, it’s difficult not to mention the acrimonious relationship we share with the English on the rugby field. The sporting anthem ‘As Long…

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  2. Michael Gove visits McLaren Technology Centre

    Production line education is good for no one

    When did this country stop trying to enrich its children? This is a question that becomes more important with every new cohort of children that passes through our education system. Education for British youngsters is no longer treated as an experience. It has simply become a production line that moves kids along the exam conveyor…

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    The plight of the modern male student

    The days of living off nothing but smart-priced noodles, frozen pizzas and scrambling after every last penny seem to have vanished. The more recent exuberance of university lifestyles often brings a stigma, and in some sense an expectation, of the day-to-day lives of male students. To me, there’s a monotony in the hobbies and conversations…

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