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Toddlers learn free running - aged three

Children as young as three are taking part in parkour classes with Dorset based parkour group Train Hard.

The class, called Tiny Traceurs, has been running for nearly five years in Dorchester and has grown in popularity with over 15 toddlers now in the group.

Danny Pierce, who’s been involved with the group since it’s inception, now teaches the class.

He said the main aim for the youngsters was to “to learn the basic movements of parkour and improve their balance”.

Parkour is a trend based on free running and its popularity has soared over the last decade, not just in Dorset.

The sport began in 20th century France, and has since featured in the opening scene of Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale.

The exercise involves running, jumping and climbing over obstacles through a designed set of movements. Train Hard teaches the toddlers these basic sets of movements.

Parent Abby Oglesby thinks parkour is a wonderful new sport for children. She said: “The class is a brilliant way of learning skills like balance and helps build on the children’s confidence.”

Ms Oglesby, whose children Prentice and Daisy have been attending the class for some time now, added: “The class is all about individual achievement and doesn’t focus on competition.”

Trainer Danny said: “Parkour was never around when I was a kid so I think it’s great for them to have the opportunity to get involved”.

However, it is not just three year olds getting involved in the sport, with classes also in Weymouth, Poole and Bournemouth becoming increasingly popular.

Train Hard recently opened a brand new training facility in Poole called The Parkour Project located in the Project Climbing Centre above the Dolphin Shopping Centre.

Train Hard offers classes for all ages, starting at three years old.