Bournemouth-based psychic Kerin Webb believes he can talk to the dead and people travel from all over the world to hear from their loved ones. Kerin has fought death, feared insanity and found hope, all at the hands of the spirits who he says talk to him.

Psychic Kerin Webb ©Hollie Wong

Psychic Kerin Webb ©Hollie Wong

The suburban estate that houses the medium and psychic Kerin Webb is unexpectedly conventional.
He welcomes me in, moving towards the chair where he seats all of his clients, seating himself next to a workspace of treasured spiritual tokens and a writing pad.

Eerie music is protruding from somewhere in his living room which is crowded with books and some other spiritual symbols. A plaque from Mensa also adorns the wall.
A former counsellor and hypnotherapist, Kerin Webb now works as a psychic in Bournemouth.

His transition to become a full-time psychic only began five years ago, due to his own scepticism in his psychic abilities, but he has never regretted the change in vocation.
“I left it a long time,” begins Kerin. “In some ways I kick myself, I wish I had done this sooner. If I’d have known then what I know now, I would have grabbed this opportunity with both hands. But life is what it is and I love doing what I do now.”

With a self-confessed analytical and logical outlook, Kerin feared trusting the intuition he always felt about his psychic abilities.
“I’d had psychic experiences as far back as I can remember.”
But when growing up in Winchester, he stifled his abilities. “Anything to do with the paranormal had negative connotations,” says Kerin firmly.

But Kerin’s curiosity never faltered. He has gone from experimenting with card predictions as a teenager to fully-fledged encounters with the dead.
“I always scored well above average on the card predictions.”
He credits the spirits with saving his life in a cycling accident and also during the hurricane of 1987, when he was trapped in his mobile home while at a spiritual festival.
“I was praying on my hands and knees for protection. But very soon the wind hit like a steam train.”

Sitting on the literal edge of his seat and motioning his hands to demonstrate the beating winds, he says: “I remember I was suspended in mid-air, I could see myself floating in the air, tables and chairs were coming towards me but they fell short and then the next instance I found myself floating some distance away onto some soft wet grass, totally unscathed.”
Kerin’s spiritual experiences continued until he finally accepted the spirit he claims to connect with, named ‘Aurora’; the name Aurora is Roman for ‘Eos’, Kerin’s company name.
With Aurora, Kerin’s predictions have changed and developed as he grew to accept her influence.
“It’s often easier to pick up a negative event when learning, the theory behind this is that negative events leave stronger imprints through time because there is often grief attached to them.
“As I became more practised, I went to the spirit and I said how grateful I was for giving me evidence that’s validated but I didn’t want to always be waiting for a nasty event to happen.”

When Kerin became confident and comfortable enough, he began to offer free readings to his clients. “This was a way of developing my skill and proving to myself that spirit would stand up to the plate with me.”
Kerin’s success continued and he began to value his psychic abilities as more than just work.

One particular client stood out for Kerin on a deeply emotional level.
A mother who had recently lost her daughter in a car accident longed to connect with her again and restore her own faith.
Kerin feared not sensing the daughter, which would suggest to her mother that her daughter had not reached the afterlife. During the prediction the daughter came through very strongly and Kerin was able to sense many important elements in the daughter’s life, including the rock band Muse.

“Whilst it never makes up for a tragic loss,” began Kerin solemnly, “it healed her mum’s heart, helped her to move forward from a place of uncertainty and disbelief and any kind of survival to be certain that although her daughter isn’t around her in a physical sense, her daughter still exists spiritually.”

A man of faith himself, Kerin’s tone lifts when reaching the heartening conclusion of his client’s struggle. His hopefulness resides in preserving another’s faith as well as his own.
“I do this practically on a daily basis; I want to know there’s another side. And when I see this evidence, my faith is reinforced in my own life.”

The psychic arts are viewed by many with caution and doubt.
That included Kerin for a long time, but in sitting with Kerin, immersed in the warm suburban environment where he sees his clients, it’s obvious he is not looking to fight with sceptics.

He is merely providing his visitors with an element of closure or hope.
“The reading always comes from a position of love; clients can find some way to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.”
To find out more about Kerin Webb, visit his website.