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War of the words at BU election debate

The Election 2015 event organised by Bournemouth University students created much heated debate among local politicians and students.

Exclusive Interview with Conor Burns

The Rock interviews MP Conor Burns regarding the presence of UKIP and the student vote.

Bournemouth UKIP rep tips party for success

UKIP's recent election performances and has suggested that Nigel Farage could hold the balance of power in the 2015 election.

Apathy in the UK: Why aren’t the young voting?

Britain is undergoing a struggle with itself which threatens her strength and stability. Young voters are disenfranchised and feel utterly disconnected from the political process. This is contributing to the rise of extremist parties like the BNP, and feeding the authoritarian right in the form of UKIP.

Prospective MEPs battle at EU debate in Bournemouth University

MEP candidates in this year's European Parliament elections debated at an event held at Bournemouth University last week to reach out to younger voters.

Bournemouth students to host European Election debate for MEP candidates

Students at Bournemouth University are set to hold a European Election debate today, showcasing the MEP candidates for the region in a Question Time format. Topics will include Britain's membership of the European Union, the conflict in Ukraine and LGBT rights.

UKIP should feature in 2015 election debates

UKIP have stormed British politics in 2013, making large gains in the local elections. So surely they should have a place on the pre-general election debates if they go ahead in 2015?

UK not Left behind

Ukip is rapidly becoming a strong power on the political Right, beating the Lib Dems in recent opinion polls. However, another party is forming a grassroots movement on the Left. Will they be able to form a challenge to the three traditional electoral forces?