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Natalie Bennett speaks at BU election hustings

Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett spoke at the BU Election event this week urging young people to vote.

Apathy in the UK: Why aren’t the young voting?

Britain is undergoing a struggle with itself which threatens her strength and stability. Young voters are disenfranchised and feel utterly disconnected from the political process. This is contributing to the rise of extremist parties like the BNP, and feeding the authoritarian right in the form of UKIP.

Prospective MEPs battle at EU debate in Bournemouth University

MEP candidates in this year's European Parliament elections debated at an event held at Bournemouth University last week to reach out to younger voters.

Bournemouth Aviary conservationists leave birds flying high

It may not be glamorous, but bird conservation is vital to our planet. Volunteers at Bournemouth Aviary are fighting to save our feathered friends.

Plastic bag charge; why was nothing done?

Despite several campaigns and huge public support, Government ministers have failed to introduce a charge on plastic bags in England.