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Photography Showcase


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My interest in photography first started after a trip to Barcelona where I spent much of my time innocently shooting holiday snaps on a compact camera. Back home, having developed my photographs I found one shot to be particularly inspiring.

In my typical tourist haste I had taken what at the time was a quick shot of a streetlight at the corner of the Arc de Triomf as I hurried along the Catalonian streets to the next sight. This photograph really sparked my interest as it was unlike a ‘normal’ shot I would’ve taken. It made me consider angles and viewpoints more closely.

Soon after, I enrolled at college and took photography at A Level where my interest flourished.

I am now studying Commercial Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth, with the hope of pursuing advertising and fashion photography.

What I love most about photography, as a creative person, are the endless possibilities, the process of having a vision and seeing it through to the end.

My previous work has been incredibly varied as I have experimented with both documentary and fashion photography. However I am now pursuing fashion as my main focus of work.

I am really enjoying my studies at Bournemouth so far. I find the Arts University so invigorating due to the vast variety of people and the opportunity to collaborate with so many other art students from different courses.

Photographer’s Picks

1) These black and white images of a girl dancing came from my project entitled Photography and Cinema. I was heavily influenced by silent film and the work of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton for this photograph.I was also incredibly inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s studies of motion and wanted to experiment with a similar aesthetic in my own work.

I found this project particularly interesting as I was shooting in a way that would normally be undesirable. My subject was moving but the shutter speed was still low so that there was a slight blur and the motion was captured but not frozen with precision, creating a spontaneity and realness to the photographs.

2) These three photographs are from a series I created researching the way in which today’s youth respond to shocking imagery and how this is communicated through their body language.The experiment consisted of my subjects individually watching a video clip where the calming music and illusion based imagery was almost hypnotizing.

Towards the end of the clip a loud scream occurs suddenly whilst a clown face appears on the screen.At this moment I fired off the camera and captured my subject’s fight or flight response.

3) This image is taken from one of my most recent projects and one I found extremely interesting to create.I wanted to explore and portray the way in which Western fashion takes much inspiration from remote cultures around the world.My research encompassed many different locations and I became particularly absorbed in the history and traditions of the tribes of Papua New Guinea.

This project was really exciting to pursue as my vision for the final photographs meant collaborating with many people in order to get the best possible results.I learnt so much as I explored chroma key photography to create the backgrounds and give my images this really interesting kitsch aesthetic.