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Photography showcase: Katie Finn

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I got into photography at the age of 14. I bought my first DSLR when I was 16. I have always been artistic ever since lower school and always knew I was going to aim towards the creative industry in the future. Photography is both hands on and technical and I love learning how to use all the different cameras, equipment and even learning about the history of cameras and their development.

I studied BTEC extended Diploma Photography in college and qualified in 2012. I then went straight onto working for as a fashion photographer for their online website. This was a big step helping me move closer to my dream career. I then decided this year very last minute that I wanted to learn so much more and get a degree so I can have a better name behind me to help me get much further in what I want to do; So I decided to move to Bournemouth to study BA (Hons) Commercial Photography. Already I know this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, especially knowing that Arts University of Bournemouth is one of the top Universities to go in Europe to study this course. I am very grateful to be here.

Photographer’s picks

1)  This photograph was one of my FMP images in my final term at college. It was photographed back in 2012. The whole idea was to show 1950s women, but in modern daytime, able to do the type of work they want to do (showing women’s rights). I love vintage fashion, which is why is one of the reasons I chose to photograph that era.

2) This was a photograph from my own personal project (project 52) where I took one photo per week each having different themes to them, for one whole year (2013). I chose to do this little project to keep me enthusiastic and motivated about my work and my passion. It was a struggle sometimes to think creatively every week but I pushed myself to finish the project and was proud of my result.

3) More personal work.

4) More personal work.

5) My recent photo shoot for my first project at University. The title was ‘Student Autumn fashion’ so I chose to photograph a series of images showing how you could still dress fashionably wearing second hand/charity clothing. I photographed this photo in a local charity shop and used the clothes and accessories they were selling in their store.