Christmas Market back in Bournemouth

THE annual German Christmas market has returned to Bournemouth for the seventh year in a row. The market opened on November 13, with the square and neighbouring streets hosting a range of festive stalls offering seasonal gifts, handmade crafts and festive foods inspired by the traditional “Weihanachtsmarkt” German market.

Tim Cook: The Most Powerful Openly Gay Man In The World

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple acknowledged his homosexuality in the public stage for the first time. Cook’s sexuality has been discussed at great lengths ever since his appointment of his current position at Apple in 2011 but until now, it's always been speculation.

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Whine

Christmas is upon us. The jovial fat man in red is starring in the Coca Cola ads, John Lewis have reeled out their annual offering of tear-jerking tosh and faux Norwegian Spruces have been erected in supermarkets throughout the country.

Wasabi company’s Japanese dream

A Dorset company that was the first to successfully grow wasabi in Europe is planning to sell the plant in Japan.

Christmas: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Halloween decorations have been packed away, fireworks have exploded and the air still smells of burnt embers and pumpkin but regardless of this, I’m hectically ordering baubles, downloading Now That’s What I Call Christmas and buying the most adorable wrapping paper the high street has to offer.

Rise in noise warnings across Winton

THERE has been sharp increase in Noise Abatement Notices (NANs) issued across Winton.

Photography showcase: Angus Mitchell

Angus Mitchell is this month's photography showcase

Students fight for change in SUBU Student Shout debate

Students joined to tackle big issues like banning gossip mags and deciding to reprimand ISIS in the Student Shout meeting this week.

The Rock Attends Southampton's Society of Editors Conference

EARLIER this month The Rock has reported on one of the biggest journalism conferences of the year in Southampton.

Why the Hunger Games is now a global phenomenon

The Hunger Games franchise’s popularity has snowballed since the first film was released in 2011. But what is it that makes Katniss so popular?