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Move'm launch new raider service

Move’m are going to launch a new service, Move’m Raider, which will help students get in touch with their letting agencies.

In student’s tenancies, their landlords and letting agents can be unreachable and unhelpful at times, this service will try and make sure that this does not happen.

The service will include a dedicated call team to converse with letting agents about student issues, including the lack of repairs on the properties.

The Move’m Managing Director Peter Ramsey said: “Often landlords take money from students when they have got no grounds to penalise them. We hope this will raise cooperation between students and lettings agencies, and create a more cohesive experience for all involved”

BU students created the letting review platform two years ago after they had idea about designing housing forum specifically for students.

Bournemouth has the most reviews on the website from students nationally.

The new service has teamed up with the university’s student unions and they have already reviewed 3000 properties altogether.

Bournemouth University’s SUBU president Chloe Schendel-Wilson said: “It’s great to make students more aware of the dangers of moving in with a dodgy landlord or agent, and Move’m helps students to make more informed decisions. It shows the landlords and agents know that they can’t get away with the standards some of them rent at.”

It will first be available Harrow, Egham and Bournemouth.

It will be released in November as a test run to hopefully help thousands of students communicate better with their landlords.