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The Million Mask March: Did They Fawkes it up?

There is something about a march for civil rights that brings empowerment to anyone without it. However, to stand face to face with your oppressor, all the while hiding behind a catherine wheel of irony, doesn’t seem to be the correct route one should take against ‘the system’.

Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. This group initiated the marches on 5th November, which took place in different areas around the world against capitalism, war and many other global concerns.

Taking to the streets, camouflaged by their newfound mascot Guy Fawkes, some sang chants of discontent towards the big bricks of Westminster. This could be considered a noble cause by many but is floundering under the face of a penny-pushing rag doll really the solution?

The answer is no. Hiding behind a mask is the last thing anyone should be doing when demonstrating the effects that capitalism or war has on the world. We are moving through exciting times, where many people are realising their potential to organise and revolt against the status quo. Sheltering oneself beneath the realm of anonymity shatters any chances of revolution, currently Russell Brand’s favourite word, being taken seriously.

By uniforming under a Fawkes frame and hood, the marchers burned their purpose in the bonfire. Instead of rallies highlighting the injustices taking place within the world, this carnivalesque monstrosity allowed the propaganda of nearly all media to guide their focuses away from this faulty fireworks display.

Obviously, it is in the media’s interest to shy away from the issues Anonymous presents. However, why give them the gunpowder to abandon coverage of this important protest. Caricaturing the act by swanning about in their Halloween gear a few days late simply blew out their roman candles.

We live in a world where one percent of people living on earth have everything and many are left with nothing. Dehumanizing the group behind faceless masks only hinders any possibilities for real change. The scoundrels that run the world have little to fear from a faceless minority. Let us give them a face and stand against worldwide poverty. It has got to be better than last week’s omnishambles.