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The third year BA(Hons) Architecture students hosted an exhibition - MAP(Music Architecture Poole) in Lighthouse from Saturday 10th November – Saturday 12th January 2013. This project based on the students second year degree work predicts the future urban evolvement in Poole.

This exhibition collects a variety of works from 40 students in AUB. They spent weeks of sleepless nights  exploring and developing their ideas, and finally building them up with the materials searched by themselves.

“In the first term of the second year, they learnt about the urbanism. They do small project and they learnt some  of the ways to analyse urban space. In the second term, they do a music school, which is called Music Architecture Poole, and that’s a medium size project…In term three, they do a future scenario of Poole. This exhibition is about how Poole would become in the future. ” The project leader Channa explained how students conducted this project.

All the models displayed in the exhibition are not pure fantasy ideas came up by art students. They have more practical meaning, which guides the architecture students to think about the whole process of construction of  a building. “All of the projects are engineered, they are done to precision scale, they are buildable.” Channa said firmly, “They can all be built, they are all made in reality. A good architecture should combine the precision of a building with a correct experience of place, that’s we are trying to do in AUB architecture.”

In this exhibition, the 1 to 100 ‘monster’ scale of the Lighthouse attracts lots of attention. This model finished by a group of 5 students provides a miniature of the theatre for the staff to observe actual space and offers another way for the other designers to analyse and understand the exterior and interior of this elegant building.

” We have a wonderful relationship with the Lighthouse. What we’ve already done is that with the model(1 to 100 scale of the Lighthouse) here, we are giving that to the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is going to use it in termly as an instrument to understand its space. The Lighthouse is a very big building. The staff who have worked here for many years, even they get lost in the building, they are not sure about how it works. So to see it as a model is phenomenal. The staff here will use it as a dialogue to talk about the building [which] they live and work in. They’ll also use it externally to architecture designers and people whom they get funding from as a space they can change. The Lighthouse itself could become something in the future scenario.” Explained by Channa.

The MAP not only presents the artistic result of the final year students but also signifies the commercial function of architecture industry by showing the outcome of the students. Having maintained the relationship with the Lighthouse over two years, AUB architecture would continue to employ Lighthouse as a platform to show more students works and enlighten  them to pursue architecture as their future career.