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Lonely the Brave and Deaf Havana review

To kick off their UK tour, rock band Deaf Havana gave an energetic, electric performance at the O2 Academy this weekend, and were supported by the equally captivating Lonely the Brave.

Lonely the Brave kicked off an amazing set at the o2 Academy last night. The group formed in 2009 and came to light after releasing their ‘Backroads’ E.P. and touring the UK in 2010, which saw them receive a lot of praise for their intense live performances. It’s clear where the praise derives from: Lonely the Brave delivered a high-energy performance that filled the room.

The band performed their song ‘Trick of the Light’, an upbeat song that was led by catchy drums and reverberating guitars. This really got the audience going and clapping along: not only because of the catchy beat but because of the bands interaction with the crowds – especially from guitarist Mark Trotter who seemed very confident with the audience and encouraged everyone to sing along.

Following a few more album tracks came their single ‘Victory Line’, another song with a catchy drum-beat. This song in particular I think highlighted their performance – especially the lead singer’s voice which is really unique and powerful, and is showcased beautifully in this song.

Deaf Havana opened their set with ‘Boston Square’, a familiar song to the crowd that went down extremely well. The lead singer, James Veck-Gilodi, seemed really comfortable with the audience and spent a bit of time chatting to the crowd – an aspect of the gig which seemed to make it more intimate.

After ‘Speeding Cars’ and ‘Kings Road Ghosts’, Deaf Havana played ‘Things Change, Friends Leave and Life Doesn’t Stop For Anybody.’ James talked onstage about how the song is inspired by the book ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’, recommending that we all read the book instead of watching the movie – a casual, humorous touch to an already intimate gig.

Towards the end, Deaf Havana played an alternative version of ‘Anemophobia’, a song that James says is about his vicious panic attacks. This set a kind of warm tone for the final song, ‘Hunstanton Pier’, which utterly filled the room with singing, cheers, and light.

The gig was pretty moving and there is a lot to be said for both Lonely the Brave and Deaf Havana, two incredible rock bands with a lot to give to the music scene.