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An interview with Scott Mitchell

By Joshua Browne

One of our sports writers had the opportunity to interview dart player, Scott Mitchell.


JB - What has been your biggest accomplishment in sport?


SM - “I would say winning the world title this year would be my biggest accomplishment in sport followed closely by captaining England to a World Cup win in Turkey, 3 weeks ago.”


 JB - What about your biggest challenge?


SM - “ The biggest challenge is trying to win it. Trying to achieve your goal and once winning it, trying to stay on top is probably the biggest challenge.”


JB - Who/what is your biggest inspiration?


SM - “Lots of things. AFC Bournemouth getting promoted inspires me. I’m also a huge Poole Pirates fan and for them to win titles gives me inspiration. This all motivates me to do well and play my part in keeping our local area on top.”


JB - What got you into darts?


SM - “I was asked to join a local pub team when I was 17 when they were short on players. My competitive edge kicked in and I’ve been playing darts ever since.”


JB – Do you have a pre-game routine?


SM - “I don’t really have one. I start to prepare the night before eating the right foods. I take my tablets as I have diabetes. If anything, I make sure I am near a board three hours before the game starts. This gives me a chance to warm up and practice a little before I begin.”


JB - What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


SM - “*laughs* I don’t get a lot of free time. I am normally at meetings or watching the  Speedway boys.”


JB - So I’ve heard you are doing sports relief?


SM - “Yes that’s correct. We have begun filming but I can’t tell you who my partner is yet but he is very good.”


JB - What is next for you?


SM - “I have the Finder Masters at the start of December and I am defending the World Title at Lakeside in the beginning of January. I also hope to have as many of the public have a picture with the trophy as possible. The last two world champions have won Lakeside and left the BDO for the PDC.”


JB - Finally, what is your advice for anyone wanting to get into a sport?


SM - “Sport, it will never give up on you, but you have to believe in yourself, not to give up on sport.”