Interview With EofE

Midlands rock band EofE have had a whirlwind year. After supporting McBusted on their first UK tour, the fivesome are currently performing with the Vamps on their nationwide tour. We spoke to EofE about touring together, making new music and some onstage antics.

So EofE, what’s it like to perform with these headline acts every night?

We just love going out and playing especially on such a big level. This year has been incredible, we’ve loved every show. We definitely feel honoured doing this, as cheesy as that sounds, it’s a really humbling experience.

Are you excited to play for all your fans in Bournemouth?

Yeah really excited, the BIC is one of the best venues to play in. We’ve played here four times and everytime it’s been great. This is number five and number six is next week, we genuinely love this venue. Because this is what we’ve always wanted to do, we’re never going to say we don’t like playing a certain venue. It’s been an unbelievable experience, especially when you think about how long we’ve been making music, to be presented with these opportunities so quickly, we’re really humbled. The Vamps have taken us on and been really cool with us, they’re really nice guys.

You’re doing your own tour in November, are you excited to go out on your own and play to your fans?

Definitely yeah, it’s going to be really good fun and more intimate as well so that’ll be good. Everyone is coming to just see us as well so that’s a really great feeling.

What are the EofE fans like when you’re supporting these headline acts, do they still come and support you?

Yeah, we even went to the beach today and there were a couple there who had an EofE t-shirt on so that was quite nice to see.

Has there been any crazy antics from fans while you guys have been touring with McBusted and The Vamps, for example, have there been any knickers thrown on stage?

[Laughs] Unfortunately not, but the question is, are there any sane fans because they’re all pretty crazy. But that’s what you want from the fans. Fans these days, if they love a band they’ll travel and do anything to come see them. From our point of view as a support band, with a 15 minute set, it’s great that they come to see us. Some fans have said they come all the way to see us and then they go, which is pretty cool.

Other than the tour in November, can fans expect anything more from you guys?

There are new songs that we’ve been working on which we’ll play. We’ve just got a longer set so it’s about an hour, whereas here we’ve only got about 15 minutes, so there’s going to be a lot more interaction with the crowd, new songs to perform and some new covers we’re coming up with.

Are you excited to go on tour together just as a band?

Yeah it’s going to be a good laugh, it’s always fun and we all get along very well together. On the tour the closest we come to Bournemouth is Southampton so we hope all our fans from here will come to join us because we know the Bournemouth fans are always up for it and they’re a good crowd so we look forward to seeing them in Southampton.

Is there going to be any musical change for you guys in the future maybe?

We want to go more rock, more modern kind of rock like You Me At Six, Paramore and Royal Blood. Performing with The Vamps is a good opportunity for us to take and the songs we play now are good for the crowds, they go down really well, but I think going forward we want to hit the rock market a bit more, we’ve done the pop market and we’ve got some good fans from there but now we want to see what we can do with rock music. We’re not going to go too far away from what we’re doing now but there are just some things in the song that we’re going to bring out more to push towards becoming a rock band.

Is there anyone you’d really love to tour with in the future?

There are loads yeah, there’s a You Me At Six and All Time Low tour coming up soon and I know we’re working on that so that would be amazing. Maybe some older rock bands as well, just for the backstage atmosphere, bands like The Motley Crew.

Has it been tough starting out as a new band and getting noticed?

It was tough when we started out, always is for any band. We’ve all been in bands before EofE but it’s this one that we’ve been really lucky with. We’re all on the same wave length, some of the other bands we were in weren’t bothered about making it big but here we’ve been very lucky, we’ve got a good manager, got a good team behind us.

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