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Halo promotes anti-trafficking night

Halo nightclub is hosting event ‘Transcend’ to promote awareness of anti-trafficking charity ‘No More Traffik’.

‘Transcend’ was created by Rachel Young, to raise awareness of the freedoms taken away from those who are trafficked; but also to inspire young people to go out without being dependent on alcohol or drugs to have a good night.

The vision for ‘Transcend’ came to Rachel when she attended a similar event.

She said: “We were all in a nightclub, dancing and having fun, but it was a pure experience.

“We were not excessively drinking until we had the bad side effects, and the feeling of sickness, guilt and shame that can come the next morning.

“There was a feeling of true fulfillment and happiness about the night, instead of a temporary fulfilment fuelled by drinking.”

 ‘Transcend’ has been described as an event to make memories, instead of forgetting them, as it represents freedom, fun and a releasing of people into the fullness of life. International DJs, local artists and designers will be providing entertainment and music for the event at Halo on 6 November. The theme is ‘Light Night’. HALO will home incredible variations of light art throughout the night.

Upstairs, a smoothie bar will be part of the Free VIP Access, as well as a photo booth, free UV body paint artists and more, whilst incredible DJs perform all night for everyone who attends.

‘Transcend’ has been described as a revolutionary clubbing experience, attracting visitors from Southampton, Winchester, London, Poole, Bournemouth, Salisbury and Andover. Clem Haines who attended a previous night held by TRANSCEND said “it’s a refreshing change to the usual nightclub experience.” Another attendee said it made her feel “part of something truly amazing” and that “It was such a great atmosphere”.

The event will run from 10pm to 3am, Thursday 6th November, at Halo Bournemouth.