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Dorset Parade for the Planet

Green campaigners marched through Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens last Saturday ahead of the Paris climate change talks.

The morning started off with green face paint and ribbons being tied onto dogs’ collars in preparation for Dorset’s contribution to raise awareness on the effects of climate change.

MEP Clare Moody and the leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett kicked off the event with their opening speeches before the parade began.

There were climate change supporters of all ages in attendance, with three young five-year-old’s leading the march and shouting the chant, “Make it cleaner, make it greener, do it fast, make it last, do it now, now, now”.


The Dorset Parade of the Planet was created by the company, Avaaz, sparking several other organisations including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, SUBU Green and Climate Coalition to help organise the event.

The parade was one of the 1,500 marches that were happening all over the world to raise awareness about the future impact of climate change.

The parades were planned ahead of the UN Summit in Paris, which will gather the world leaders to tackle the problem of climate change.


One of the organisers Angela Pooley said: “I think today was absolutely fantastic.

“What was amazing was the age range of the people, we had lots of youngsters. Everybody joined in and it was a really positive event with a very clear message to our politicians.

“The whole day has been amazing and we will be doing more in the future.”

After the parade, the location moved to the Purbeck Hall at the BIC to attend a talk with key experts and speakers including Natalie Bennett, Clare Moody, Friends of the Earth Dr Martin Price and Climate Reality’s Mark Chivers.


From Left to Right: Martin Price, Clare Moody, Mark Chivers, Natalie Bennett

The organisations involved have stated that they plan to do more events like this in the coming year, as soon as Spring 2016.