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Celebrity Big Bother

My guilty pleasure has always been reality television. From the robust Leteesha in The Valleys right through to the variety of ‘singers’ on The Voice, I am a sucker for a good reality show to make me feel just that bit better about my own life.

Big Brother used to be the perfect antidote for just that. Much like the Jeremy Kyle watchers among us, I too enjoyed being able to see the naïve general public making fools of themselves for the world to see. That was until the barrage of z-list celebrities tumbled through the Big Brother doors, filled with enthusiasm and wasted brain cells.

Already in the 15th season, we’ve seen two contestants removed from the house for questionable behaviour and a sickly sweet version of the irritatingly malicious Katie Hopkins parading across our screens, making the entire reason for her existence in the house pointless.

I am team Visage through and through but even she can’t bring comedy spirit and enjoyable viewing back to the Channel 5 reality show. I had hoped the fiesty American would be trading sharp tongued words with Hopkins but alas, this has not been the case.

Instead we have seen Perez Hilton acting revoltingly and a reocurring theme of sexual puns and acts has caused the entire show to fall apart at the seams. The idea is that the general public vote them off, not that they act like pigs and get ejected.

The only redeeming factor of this ‘celebrity’ version of the show is the set design. The fairytale theme with the air of fantasy is alluring until you throw in the fame hungry bottom feeders of the celebrity fishtank.

A show that started out as a fund raising stunt on BBC1 for Comic Relief has fast become one of the biggest laughing stocks in reality television.

Don’t get me wrong, I was forever tuned into the original Big Brother seasons, shocked at just how nasty Nick really was and cooing over Brian and Helen’s blossoming relationship. It was once those celebrities got involves and it became an entourage of racism, homophobia and bullying when I called it quits.

So while you continue to gawp at the Big Brother ‘celebrities’ of 2015 shaking your heads at how awful it is but continuing to watch anyway, I’ll be over here, tuning into Jerry Springer and ready to shout about the latest domestic scandal unfolding on-screen.