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BU TV Students Premiere New Film in London

A group of Bournemouth university students premiered their independent war film in Leicester Square today, October 25.

The Journal was written and directed by second year Television students. Their independent film is centred on Blake, a young man who 100 years after the First World War discovers his grandfather’s struggle in the trenches by reading his old journal.

Directed by Tim Mizon, a second year TV student and already an award-winning director, Tim organised a group of fellow BU students and friends to make The Journal.

“Basically a group of us wanted to make a film. I had personally made a war film before The Journal but I really wanted to do it again, especially as this year is the 100th anniversary of the First World War so it’s a great opportunity to make this film and put it towards the commemoration going on this year.”

The group have been writing and producing The Journal for over six months, journeying to France, Belgium and Yorkshire in the process.

Tim said: “It was a good experience, not just in terms of filming and learning new skills but also in seeing the cemeteries and remembering that this was all real.

“It’s there in front of your eyes when you visit the graves of these soldiers and so it was a good experience for all of the crew to see.”

The film’s premiere takes place on Saturday night at the W Hotel in Leicester Square. Tim was very grateful for the opportunity to show the group’s work.

He said: “It’s quite a prestigious place; One Direction had their film premiere in the same hotel so it’s a great opportunity to put our film there.”

Yet the biggest thing for Tim was working alongside fellow BU students and friends. He said: “We’re all friends who just wanted to make a film and The Journal was great opportunity to do something together in terms of away from the usual university work.

“We felt that BU was giving us the ideas and we could go from their brief but we also had the freedom of making our own personal film.

So it was a great opportunity for us all and we really loved working with each other as everyone worked so hard.”