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BU journalism student wins prestigious award

One of Bournemouth University’s Multimedia Journalism undergraduate’s received the prestigious title of Dorset Student Journalist of the Year.

Sam Everett, 19, won the award for her article on arthritis in adolescents.

She said: “It feels great and it’s really nice to see hard work paying off and to be feel like it’s worth all the long nights and effort I’ve put in.

“It also feels really good in that feature writing is what I hope to pursue as a career so it’s nice to have some recognition.”

Sam was presented with a certificate today by Neil Duncan-Jordan, from the National Union of Journalists, at Bournemouth University, who said: “Sam’s article showed great originality and depth of research.”

Sam accepting her certificate alongside Neil Duncan-Jordan

Sam accepting her certificate alongside Neil Duncan-Jordan

To enter the competition, Sam and the other hopefuls had to submit a feature, news story, or a cultural or sporting issue that is topical to the local area.

When submitting the article, she did not expect to win.

“I literally just submitted my features and online coursework to give it a go and I’d completely forgotten about it,” she said.

Speaking about when she found out she was successful, Sam added: “When they e-mailed me it was a really nice surprise.

“I was out travelling in Thailand at the time so it was good to celebrate with all the mates I’d made out there.”

Sam’s 1000 word feature tackled the issue of young people suffering from arthritis, which she feels is a topic that is not talked about on a wide scale.

“I chose the subject of arthritis in adolescence as my dad and boyfriend both have the condition so I guess it’s something quite personal, and I wanted people to understand it’s not just a result of growing old, but a condition that can affect anyone, even toddlers,” she said.

“A lot of people don’t address the symptoms when they’re young as they don’t believe it’s possible and so a lot of young people go for years without the proper treatment and care.”

The regional award sees students from across the county submitting a variety of journalistic work with the hope of winning.

On the importance of the awards, Sam said: “They are extremely important as they give people the recognition they deserve and motivate them to try and succeed even more so, especially considering journalism is such a competitive career.”

Sam is also a keen blogger. In order to view her site, click here.

The awards ceremony will be held at the university in Summer 2016.