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Bournemouth is UK's fastest growing digital economy

Bournemouth has been named as having the fastest growth in digital economy in the UK, a survey reveals.

The Tech Nation Report is the biggest survey ever completed of the UK’s digital sector, and shows the coastal town to be overtaking major cities in the digital business area, including London.

The number of digital companies starting up in Bournemouth between 2010 and 2013 has increased by 212%.

More start-up companies than ever before are coming to the UK, with over 500,000 new companies created in the last year alone.

The research carried out by Tech City, a government backed organisation, found that these new businesses have helped to increase the UK’s economic recovery.

The Chair of Tech City UK and digital advisor to David Cameron, Baroness Shields, said it is now up to the government to ensure these new firms are supported.

She said: “12.4 percent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is attributed to technology and digital business, that’s the highest in the G20.

“We are the most digital nation in the world and it is important that government policy makes the most of this enormous potential.”

The digital industry provides employment for 7.5 percent of the UK’s workforce.

Bournemouth’s new digital firms have relied on local universities to provide qualified and skilled workers to help achieve its record growth in both the gaming and marketing areas.

London still remains the most significant employer within the digital sector but despite this, the capital was ranked fourth place in the survey, overtaken by Liverpool, Brighton and South Wales as well as Bournemouth.

Lewis Spearing, a BA (Hons) Film Production student at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), said: “I think Bournemouth is certainly leading the digital industry in both of the talent and creativity graduating from both the universities and working within the film, television or media industry, meeting the high technical standards.

Lewis co-founded a film production company, named Studio4Films; a project he said would not have been possible without the recent boom in the digital market.

“If there had been slower communications between myself and my colleagues, deadlines would not have been met.”

The second year AUB student suggests that fibre optic broadband and 4G internet covering all of Bournemouth has contributed to the boost in the town’s digital economy.

He said: “It allows users to increase their workflow and productivity”

“This is especially useful when trying to transfer large files between each other and clients.”

Baroness Shields is calling for a celebration of the UK’s standing in the global digital community.

She said: “Bragging doesn’t come naturally to the British, but we really are the best in the world.”

Photo credit: ©EFFPhotos