Bournemouth fashion brand el RHEY launches ColourMe Wellies

Bournemouth fashion brand el RHEY launched their innovative children’s rainwear product, ColourMe Wellies, yesterday at the Executive Business Centre in Lansdowne.

Kaisa Kangro, Managing Director at el RHEY, launches ColourMe Wellies

Kaisa Kangro, Managing Director of el RHEY, launches ColourMe Wellies ©Tom Beasley

ColourMe Wellies is the first product created by el RHEY, which aims to become the biggest brand in rainwear products.

The wellies allow children to get creative with their footwear, making playing out in the rain a chance to get artistic.

Each pair of wellies is sold with a selection of colourful marker pens, encouraging children to create their own designs and styles.

Kaisa Kangro, Managing Director of el RHEY, studied Business Studies with Entrepreneurship at Bournemouth University before starting her business.

“I chose [the degree] because I knew I wanted to start my own business,” said Kaisa.

“It helped me a lot because, I think, otherwise I would have struggled to have a strict deadline for my business plan.

“It really pushed me to think it through and finish it.”

The idea for ColourMeWellies arose due to Kaisa’s sister, whose daughter spent a lot of time colouring in animal pictures.

At the brainstorm stage for el RHEY, the notion of innovative wellies had already been mentioned, so the two things were combined and the concept of ColourMe Wellies was born.

Kaisa said: “There is room in the rainwear market to come up with new products that are exciting and different.

“When we first came up with the idea, we thought it was good, but until we had the actual product and we could actually give it to children, we couldn’t be sure.

“The parents love it and the children love it, so it’s really good.”

ColourMe Wellies allow kids to get creative with rainwear

ColourMe Wellies allow kids to get creative with rainwear ©Tom Beasley

The launch event on September 24 also featured the first showing of the ColourMe Wellies video advert campaign, produced by a local production company, staffed by other Bournemouth University students.

Kaisa and the team at el RHEY are already hard at work on their next product, which Kaisa says will be an umbrella that works hand in hand with the ColourMe Wellies as part of a cohesive product line.

She is confident that the team she has assembled will continue to produce exciting and innovative items.

“Everybody in our team is so passionate and so enthusiastic about trying to make something good out of this,” she said.

“When talented people who have this passion get together, you can create great things.”

ColourMe Wellies are available to pre-order now as part of a Kickstarter campaign. From October 15, they will be available from independent stores nationwide, as well as online at Not On The High Street and Dorothy & Theodore.