Saturday 24th May 2014

About Hollie Wong

I am a first year multi-media journalism student. I'm interested in films, music, magazines and politics. I am currently deputy news editor for the Bournemouth Rock.

  1. Rugby means everything to the Welsh

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Six Nations completely takes over Wales. Streets, clubs and pubs are crawling with red jerseys and pints of Brains beer. Writing from a Welsh perspective, it’s difficult not to mention the acrimonious relationship we share with the English on the rugby field. The sporting anthem ‘As Long…

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  1. DSCN0170

    Talking to the other side

    Bournemouth-based psychic Kerin Webb believes he can talk to the dead and people travel from all over the world to hear from their loved ones. Kerin has fought death, feared insanity and found hope, all at the hands of the spirits who he says talk to him

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