Friday 6th December 2013

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First year, studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth Uni. Love writing anything about film, music and entertainment!

  1. The X Factor may have gotten a bit stale ©WIKIPEDIA

    Has The X Factor passed its sell-by date?

    Concentrating more on the format of their shows to make it look good rather than providing audiences with real entertainment value seems like their only priority. They seem to be more intrusive and concentrate on the personal lives of the contestants rather than their actual ‘supposed’ talent. The X Factor is a prime example, as…

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  1. Pharrell's innovative brain of his decides it time for a 24 hour video © Compfight

    'Happy' to become the world's first 24-hour music video

    Pharrell William’s idea for the 24 hour long video for the song ‘Happy’, from the ‘Despicable Me 2′ soundtrack, bravely ventures where no artist has dared to go before.  I can’t imagine that light bulb moment when Pharrell thought ‘let’s do a 24 hour music video’, as it would never really cross your mind. Seven…

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