It is hoped that the new Designated Public Place Order will limit antisocial behaviour ©Mark Turner

It is hoped that the new Designated Public Place Order will limit antisocial behaviour ©Mark Turner

Bournemouth Borough Council has approved an order to tackle anti-social behaviour at a Cabinet meeting on January 29, in an effort to improve safety of communities across the Bournemouth area.

This followed a public consultation, where implementation of a borough-wide Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) was recommended to councillors. The order will further empower police in their fight against antisocial behaviour caused by street drinking.

“We are seeing an increase in antisocial street drinking in some areas of Bournemouth, often outside of the areas already covered by DPPOs,” said the Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment, Cllr David Smith.

“By extending the powers to cover all of Bournemouth, the council and the police will be able to deal with antisocial street drinking more quickly and effectively,” he added.

The consultation showed strong support for the proposed order, with 89% of respondents agreeing to the introduction of a DPPO which would cover the whole of Bournemouth.

“From the consultation feedback it was clear that the public felt strongly about taking firm action against antisocial street drinking and supported the proposed borough-wide DPPO,” added Cllr Smith.

“We currently have a number of DPPOs in Bournemouth which cover specific areas including the town centre, Boscombe and Charminster.”

Superintendent Charlie Eggar of Dorset Police said that DPPOs are used to good effect to deal with those who drink and act in an anti-social manner, whilst “allowing those drinking responsibly to continue unaffected”.

“By taking a borough-wide approach it will be clear to members of the public where the power applies, allows our officers to adopt the same approach in all parts of Bournemouth and sends a strong message to those who wish to drink irresponsibly,” he added.