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American Football: Bobcats relishing new season

By Daniel Sansom

The Bobcats are Bournemouth University’s very own American Football varsity team. Founded by Joshua Edwards in 2012, the Bobcats have gone from strength to strength in a very short period of time. With numbers increasing year after year, Gustaf Sander, team captain of the Bobcats, gave up his time to speak to the Bournemouth Rock:

“I first started playing American Football in 2012, when the Bobcats were founded. I had no previous experience of the sport, so it was all new to me. I am now 25 and this will be my fourth season.”

“The sport is fantastic. It is very violent so you have to be prepared for the physicality side of the game. If you’re enthusiastic enough though, it will be very enjoyable.”

The Bobcats first competitive home game is against Plymouth University on Sunday 6th December at Chapel Gate, starting at approximately 1pm.

“A game usually lasts about three hours, and this is split into four quarters of fifteen minutes. The games are full-on and always played at an intense speed, which I think makes it different to any other sport,” added Sander.

If you are interested in American Football and feel like this could be the sport for you, contact [email protected] for more information. Alternatively, you can find the team on Facebook and Twitter.

“The squad this year looks strong. Year on year we have had a steady increase of players taking part.”

“Last season we had 54 players interested, and for the upcoming campaign 71 players have already put their names forward. 60% of those 71 are first year students.”