We all know there are hundreds of partying anthems out there, but of course in ‘7 tracks’ style, The Rock has narrowed it down to the seven you must have on your new years eve playlist. This was a difficult task but we hope you approve of these tracks bringing your 2013 to a close.

Heads Will Roll - yeah yeah yeahs - A-Trak Remix (Radio Edit)
This song is most definitely a dance anthem, no question about it. Released in 2009, A-Trak’s remix of Heads Will Roll still remains on of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs most famous tracks. The song bounces and pounds. To me, the song is compiled of this strangely beautiful mash up of psychedelic and 80’s influences stirred into one huge dance track mixing bowl. Lots of synth + 80’s fabulousness + psychedelia + A-Trak = Ultimate dance anthem.

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. © Jonathan Fisher

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. © Jonathan Fisher

We Are Your Friends - Justice v Simian
Within the first 8 seconds of this song, you just know it’s going to be a huge track. This is a wonderfully rare occurrence. Embrace those bursts of snyth pounding your ear drums. Justice released this in 2006 and I still argue that this is the best thing they’ve done to date, NME.com voted it number 19 in their top 150 songs of the last decade, enough said. When We Are Your Friends comes on in the audience always go mad, the song is almost brainwashing - in the best possible way. This is a NYE playlist must.

Hey Ya - Outkast
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song. You can’t not like Hey Ya! it is full of soul sass and is funky as hell. In fact if any other artist made this track it just wouldn’t work, at all, Outkast you have the magic touch. The song is just in a genre of it’s own, an oddity to behold. It is a mini-masterpiece and is simply timeless. Its almost imperative to have this on at any party, new years eve is no exception.

 Kid Cudi — Kent State M.A.C. Center Image provided by: Flickr.com via D.Beveridge

Kid Cudi — Kent State M.A.C. Center © D.Beveridge

Pursuit Of Happiness - Kid Cudi - Extended Steve Aoki Remix
If you have seen the film Project X, you should recognise this brilliant version of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit Of Happiness (although you hipsters out there probably loved it before it was on the movie soundtrack). Steve Aoki has produced a fantastic party anthem, which just resonates through your bones, keeping you pumped for all six minutes of it. Even at the song’s lulls Persuit Of Happiness is simply awesome. At around 2.35 minutes into the song, there’s this amazingly euphoric crescendo, sending this track straight to my go-to party song. Make this the song you enter the new year with. Best served: eardrum shatteringly loud.

Without Me - Eminem
Waiting until all your friends are pretty drunk to play this absolute classic will be worth it. Picture the scene now, the friends hilariously slurring the about 6 words of the rap parts, whilst that one mate who thinks themselves as an Eminem superfan will take the chance to shine and then everyone else just joining in at the chorus. Beautiful. Plus, Without Me is just too good not to have on any sort of playlist, but take note: this track must be played with precision timing for best affect.

Brimful Of Asha - Norman Cook Remix
I’ll assume anyone who hasn’t heard this song has been living in a cave or something for the last decade. This track practically succeeded in world domination. If you don’t recognise the title, take a listen and you’ll definitely have a pleasant surprise. Maybe the words “Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow”, will jog your memory? That’s because the whole world was chanting this beauty when it was released in 1998. The track is remixed by Norman Cook, who also goes by the name of Fatboy Slim, and just brings a smile to anyone who listens to it. The song will provide some retro cool to any playlist. Stick it on your playlist and count how many times you hear either “Ahh I LOVE this song!” or “I remember this!!”.

Icona Pop © R.J Anderson, via Flickr.com

Icona Pop © R.J Anderson, via Flickr.com

I Don’t Care - Icona Pop
It was pretty hard to avoid this song this year and although some of you may shiver at the thought, you can’t deny that this track is a definite hit. I Don’t Care is boystrous, energetic and carefree, a perfect combination. I Don’t Care has been released for quite some time in the US, gaining well deserved attention. It was then finally released over here and has since gone stella. These Swedish synth-pop girls have produced a cracker, I Don’t Care is just huge, international super-hit style.