2004 was a stellar year for music and many albums released then sound just as good as they ever did!  

10- Encore- Eminem

© Eminem - Shady, Aftermath, Interscope

Eminem’s 5th album was released in 2004, with songs such as “Just Lose It” and “Mockingbird”. Sampling bands such as Queen and MC Hammer, it is clear why this album was such a success. Eminem wrote more simplistic lyrics than previously and combined them with very catchy tunes to make this album something to remember. However, this was the album that Eminem was least pleased with, which sadly reflects in some of the weaker songs on the album.

9- A Grand Don’t Come for Free- The Streets

© The Streets- Locked On, 679

Descriped by Wikipedia as a “rap opera”, this groundbreaking album includes such songs as “Fit But Don’t You Know It” and “Dry Your Eyes”. Even for those who aren’t fans of rap, this is still a brilliant album, which led the way for more spoken-sounding lyrical styles. Quick witted humour and relatable situations make this an album to have! Sadly, since then The Streets seemed to have gradually slipped of the radar, a real shame for the musical genius that is Mike Skinner.

8- Scissor Sisters- Scissor Sisters

© Scissor Sisters - Polydor Records

The best selling album of 2004. This album featured songs such as “Laura” and “Take Your Mama” which were sure-fire hits, propelling this album to the top of all the charts. Dubbed the “best gay album of all time” by Attitude magazine, songs such as a glam-electro cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” make this album something different. No one can claim that they’ve never heard the distinctive sing along sound of the Scissor Sisters that is guaranteed to get the party started - even today!

7- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge- My Chemical Romance

© My Chemical Romance- Reprise Records

A controversial choice, no doubt- but this album is such a cornerstone in new emotional rock music that it cannot be left out of the list. It is hard to deny that the songs in this album are heartfelt and masterfully executed, written at a time where many troubled teenagers were looking for music to relate to. Even with the criticisms of MCR as an ‘emo’ band, it is hard to deny the thought gone into these songs, such as “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”. My Chemical Romance have now split after 12 years together, which could arguably have been caused by their recent album’s lack of success.

6-Hopes and Fears- Keane

© Keane - Island Records

The second best selling album of 2004, Keane’s influence on shaping the music scene for the future was massive. A new type of music emerged; heartfelt piano rock with a post-britpop sound. “Somewhere Only We Know” is arguably the most well known song from this album, which has been covered by many other artists since, such as Lily Allen and Darren Criss on Glee. “Everybody’s Changing” is another wonderful song from this album, making it a really nice calming album to listen to on an afternoon off, but probably best avoided if you’re a bit upset!

5- Franz Ferdinand- Franz Ferdinand

© Franz Ferdinand - Domino

Thus the eponymous album names strike again! Franz Ferdinand first burst on to the music scene with this poignant album in 2004, propelling the indie scene into the spotlight. “Take Me Out” and “Dark of the Matinee” being two of the catchiest songs released in 2004, Franz Ferdinand are still strongly on the music scene today and have been said to have been an influence on the emergence of the sound of bands such as Arctic Monkeys. Kick starting the indie scene in style!

4- Hot Fuss- The Killers

© The Killers - Lizard King/Vertigo

“Mr Brightside” - arguably one of the most widely known songs of the noughties - came from this groundbreaking debut album from Las Vegas band The Killers. Most people born in the 90s will have an extensive lyrical knowledge of most of this album, “Somebody Told Me” and “Smile Like You Mean It” being two other amazing songs off this album. The Killers, although having changed their style slightly, are still regarded as one of the best rock bands around today.

3- American Idiot- Green Day

© Green Day - Reprise Records

If you were into the music scene in 2004 and say you didn’t have a copy of this album, I don’t believe you. Green Day came back into the public eye with their epic album American Idiot, with the title song being a cleverly crafted attack on George W Bush, the US president at the time. It is hard not to like the punk sounds of Green Day and their rock opera album, which won the band a Grammy in 2005 for best rock album.

2- Kasabian- Kasabian

© Kasabian- BMG, Arista, RCA records

This album has been said to have defined the electronic hard rock scene, with tracks such as “Club Foot”. This album makes a brilliant club party album. Every track sounds like it could be used as soundtrack for a film and many were indeed used on TV at the time. Kasabian went on to release 3 more albums, all of which have been praised by critics and the band are still going strong, and have even played Glastonbury in 2005 and are rumoured to perform again as headliners in 2014.

1- Room on the Third Floor- McFly

© McFly - Universal Island Records

Admittedly my favourite band ever, this album launched McFly into the spotlight back in 2004, having previously only been known as “Busted’s friends”, this helped them become one of the best loved bands of the noughties. Everyone knows songs such as “Five Colours In Her Hair”, with it’s catchy surfer rock sound similar to that of The Beach Boys. This album was released and broke a Guinness World Record previously held by the Beatles for the youngest band ever with a no.1 album - as they were aged between 15 and 18 at the time of its release. McFly are still one of the most loved pop-rock bands of the millennium and are now touring with friends Busted as the supergroup McBusted.